Appraisal Platform

Bank Mortgage, Property, Insurance, Plant & Equipment, Risk Engineering Reporting Platform


Map allocation and job scheduling
Group and office access management
High Level management and job tracking
Flexible workflows with parallel tasks
Supports multiple timezones


Complex live calculations
Build and design your own reports
Drag and Drop collection screen designer
Skip logic and conditional logic
Auto report population


Intelligent auto sync App
On and off-line data collection
Connect to external data sources
Client portal access available
Fully configurable API access


Assist with compliance of (IVS) International Valuation Standards

Risk Management

Live job progress tracking
Data ommission alerts
Job release protocols
Photos Geo/Time stamped

Peer Reviews

Configurable peer review
Audit review retention
Review can be tailored
Auto check feature

Data Integration

Global data-list import
Direct sales import
Fully configurable API

Multi Template System

Drag & drop designer
Many templates or few
Skip & conditional logic
Capitalisation DRC

Fast Report Generation

Auto sentence composition
Multiple standard clauses
Data link lookup
Market sales importer

Education & Training

On/off valuer notes
Perfect training tool
Customisable training notes

Real-Life Results With Visible Improvements

AppraisalAI has been developed to provide maximum flexibility and configurability from 1 to 100's of appraisers. We are able to provide a solution for any reporting requirements in addition to mobile data collection tools to make the inspection and report delivery process quick and hassle free.

Management oversight and job flow monitoring are a breeze with our quick job tracking functions and configurable dashboard.

Speak to us about our white label and client portal options if you are a large practice. For those smaller boutique operations we are able to tailor a competitive package for you and give you only the features you need to improve your speed and turnaround times.

Get in touch and speak to us about your individual needs and we will guide you to a solution that really works!


We ensure that you can monitor your security and access control independently

Visual Security Dashboard

Systems Audit Logs

Monitors real-time login, data changes, deletions, additons with easy to search audit logs

Rules and alerts

Email/SMS notifications

Enables you to respond to suspect user and account activities in real-time

Data security

Your own database

State-of-the-art encryption for all data and live database backups at 5 min intervals


here is the app pricing

Single User

Per user per month

  • Single User
  • Single site Reports
  • Appointment Diary
  • Basic Calculations
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Per user per month

  • Upto 3 users
  • Multi-site reports
  • Basic client portal
  • Advanced Calculations
  • Global Data List
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Per user per month

  • Small Teams
  • Basic compliance
  • Job Analytics
  • Flexible workflows
  • Multi-office access
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Per user per month

  • Large Teams
  • Advanced compliance
  • API Access
  • Live tracking
  • White label option
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